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Electronic tools and products are changing the way today’s businesses are run. BASF has combined its entire family of "eProducts" into an integrated system called SmartTools™.


Important Safety Notice:
Computer equipment such as 1) CPU, 2) terminal, 3) keyboard, 4) printer, 5) mouse, etc., are NOT explosion proof and should NOT be installed or used within a mixing area where paint and paint products are dispensed or used. If you have any questions regarding which equipment is safe for the mixing room, please contact the BASF SmartTrak® HelpDesk at 800-227-3593.

(979) 922-4825  This easy-to-use Windows® based software system provides you with a versatile “hub” at the center of your paint management operations. The SmartTrak® software is made up of a number of modules that relate to several important aspects of your business. One of the key functions of SmartTrak® is providing fast and accurate color formulas.





(214) 898-4322 is at the very top of the color technology pyramid. This hand-held instrument reads the light wavelengths of the color on the car; it then works with the SmartTrak® computer system to provide a formula which produces the same color precisely.


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